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Transform Your Home into a Haven of Peace with Our Yoga Mandala Stencil

Hello there,

Are you on the lookout for a way to infuse your home with a touch of serenity and balance? Allow us to introduce you to our XL Yoga Mandala stencil. With its soothing lines and flowing curves, this stencil creates a space of inner tranquility and harmony, where you can set your spirit free.

But what does this mandala signify, you might wonder?

The mandala, a unique geometric pattern often used in meditation and yoga, can help you experience a sense of inner peace right within your home. The symmetry and balance of the mandala contribute to this. It enables you to completely unwind and recover from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

It serves as a gentle reminder to never neglect your yoga practice. Through this practice, you dissolve energetic blockages by focusing on postures (asana) and mastering breath control (pranayama). Your energy begins to flow once again!

Yoga not only makes you more supple and stronger, it also bestows that soothing, calming feeling afterward. It empowers you to truly be yourself and to face life head-on in all its richness, to flow with it. It cultivates a softer, more patient, and loving demeanor towards both yourself and others. From the connection with yourself, you naturally forge connections with others and life...

And how does it enhance your living space?

With this Yoga Mandala, you invite the energy of harmony between mind and body into your home. Living from a place of trust and embracing what is present allows relaxation to set in. It stands as a daily reminder to minimize the physical impact of stress on your body. It also welcomes reduced anxiety, depression, fatigue, asthma, and insomnia—ensuring a healthy body and a healthy mind: the perfect foundation for a lengthy and joyful life.

Here are some practical details:

The stencil's dimensions measure 116 x 116 cm (45 inches). Crafted from highly durable and recyclable 3 mm PVC plastic, our stencils are robust and ready to be used anywhere, anytime. You can reuse the stencil up to 6 times.

Pick your preferred color and let your creativity flow!

With 0.25 liters of water-based paint or chalk paint you're all set. Easily attach the stencil to your wall, then paint over it using a roller. Once the paint dries, remove the stencil. Voila! You've crafted your very own Yoga mandala. Check out our 'how to apply' page for insights on creating a Mandala using the Mandala Stencil.

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Let's join hands in crafting a peaceful and harmonious space within your home.

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    Een mandala maakt je bewust van oneindigheid en de verbinding met alles en iedereen om je heen. Een mandala kent geen einde en geen begin.

    Wist je dat een mandala ook gebruikt wordt bij bepaalde tradities, meditaties en rituelen? Vooral het boeddhisme en het Hindoeïsme maken veel gebruik van mandala’sberoemd tooverkruid der oude Grieken, dat reeds bij Homerus door Hermes aan Odysseus als voorbehoedmiddel tegen de toovenarijeri van Circe gegeven wordt. De ital. botanici uit den tijd der Renaissance herkenden, hoogst waarschijnlijk juist, daarin een soort Allium, daar dit in Griekenland evenals in geheel Europa als het voornaamste middel beschouwd werd ter afwending van betoovering.

    How To Apply Your Mandala With The Stencil

    Placing your Holy mandala is very easy thanks to the stencil.

    Watch the basic video on the right or check out our how to make a mandala page for a detailed explanation.

    Do you have a specific surface? Check out our how-to videos page for more instructions. Can't figure it out, or do you have a question? Please contact us via email: or via chat.

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    Unique Xxl Designs

    Custom designs created in Tibet and sold in Amsterdam. We are the only seller in Europe who has these specific designs.

    Sustainable & Reusable

    Your Mandala stencil is made from reconstituted recyclable plastic. Robust and durable, they can be used wherever and whenever you want.

    Made In Amsterdam

    Lasered in Amsterdam for high quality... on 3mm pvc

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